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Please note: THIS SITE DOES NOT REACH OFFICIAL ENYA ( This is a FAN-made site)

+    Which items are listed in the Enya Discography?
The Enya Discography contains all albums, singles, collections and videos (commercial and promotional releases) which have her music. For these items we list the countries where the CDs, tapes, vinyl records, etc. were manufactured or distributed by national companies.

Other items are only listed when they contain special versions exclusive to the release or when they were written, wholly or in part, by Enya (e.g. May it Be from Lord of the Rings).

Also listed are interviews and music in which Enya took part (either with Clannad or as a guest artist).

Please note: we do not list music compilations or soundtracks where already released songs are used and Enya is only one of the various artists. Also, we don't list cover versions (e.g. from The Taliesin Orchestra) or especially bootleg/pirated albums.

+    When is Enya's next album, single, video, DVD etc., coming out?
Information regarding Enya's future releases will not be posted unless these details are released by Aigle Music, Warner Music International, or any other official source. There is also no release date for the DVD in the North American market.

+    When is Enya touring? Will she be coming here soon?
Enya currently has no plans to tour live.

+    When is Enya doing her promotional tour? Will she be coming here soon?
We don't have any information about which places might be visited by Enya during a possible promotional tour.

+    I'd like to invite Enya for a concert/show. Do you have any information about price, time and so on?
We don't think that you will be successful, because Enya hasn't done any such concert so far. You can of course contact Warner Music UK.

+    Can i contact Enya thru the Discography? Can the Discography forward my message to Enya?
Please note that we are not Enya
. Messages intended for Enya, her management, Warner Music International, or other affiliates cannot be relayed by the Discography.

+    Can you send me more information about Enya?
The Enya Discography is specialized in discography information only.

+    I would like to use Enya's music and/or lyrics. Can you give me the permission to use it?
We can't give any permission for using Enya's music and/or lyrics. Please contact Warner Music UK.

+    I found/heard a song by Enya, but i can't find it here!? (Internet)
There are some songs avalaible on the Internet mistakenly attributed to Enya. Some examples are Harry's Game or Adiemus. Harry's Game was released by Clannad and Adiemus is from a group called "Adiemus", some songs from Enigma were labeled "Enya" as well. There's also a bootleg from Eastern Europe called "Solas". This album was written by Ron Hardiman. The producer of this bootleg used Enya's name for their product. Sometimes people think that they have heard Enya singing on the soundtrack of "The Gladiator" or "Titanic". Please note that on this website are listed all songs Enya has ever released.

+    I heard a song by Enya (on TV, Commercials or Shows)
Please note that we don't have any information about commercials or shows using songs from Enya. We can only be helpful if you send an excerpt of the song you've heard.

+    Are all of Enya's albums still available?
Yes and no. Enya was remastered and reissued as The Celts, thus, the original version "Enya" was no longer manufactured. Generally, all of her albums remain available for purchase.

+    Where can out of print and promotional items be obtained?
Items are occasionally available and advertised by specialist dealers in magazines such as Record Collector (UK) and Goldmine (USA). It can often be worthwhile contacting dealers and asking for lists of Enya material they have in stock and many offer search services for hard to find material. A number also have web sites - check advertisements in the above magazines or try a web directory or search engine such as Ebay, Yahoo! or Alta Vista. Also, websites such as Esprit specialize in collecting Enya items. You may also visit EIL.COM/AMAZON OR MUSICSTACK.COM.

+    Does the Discography sell Enya items, or can it obtain them for me?

+    Where can i buy the DVD "The Video Collection"?
We don't know any online shop where you can buy this DVD. On Amazon there are copies offered, but please ask the seller first the questions we have at our sticky topic in the forum's Member Information Area. There we list legal copies offered on Ebay and information used for determining legality.

+    What does the term "b-side" mean?
Before music was featured on compact disc, singles where released on vinyl. To encourage people to purchase these vinyl singles, the main song from the album was pressed on side A, and on side B a song which was not always from the album. These songs were called "b-side songs". So publishing songs which are not part of the album on a single is still practiced.

+    Is there an album "B-side and rarities"?
No! If you ever see such a CD you can be sure it is an illegal pressing. You can only get the b-sides by buying the released singles. Rarities can also only be found on the official releases which contain them.

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